Haugesund Stevedoring AS

Haugesund Stevedoring AS was founded October 4, 2017 and has been operational since January 1, 2018.

Owners are Karmsund Port Authority, KTM Shipping AS, Sea Cargo Agencies Stavanger AS, Johs Lothe AS, TNR Spedisjon AS, North Sea Management AS (NCL) and Samskip.

The company offers services that include discharging and loading, storage, services from stack to chassis and vice versa.

The company has ambitions to contribute to the transfer of goods transport from road to sea and make Haugesund Cargo terminal one of Norway’s most cost effective terminals.

Haugesund Stevedoring AS is an innovative company with extensive and good experience from their partners. Partners, customers and Karmsund Port Authority contribute on good solutions for the entire logistics at Haugesund Cargo terminal.

Haugesund Stevedoring AS has ambitions to become one of the most modern and efficient companies with terminal operations in Norway.


Haugesund Stevedoring AS has General Manager, 2 full-time employees and a part-time employee at the moment.

In addition, we have regular partners for calls. We have over 30 people working for Haugesund Stevedoring.

All employees and partners work closely together to find good and efficient solutions for our customers.


Our depot is within ISPS area in Haugesund Container Terminal.

Office address: Husøyvegen 250, 4262 AVALDSNES